Softazoline® is our brand name of amphoteric surfactants. We have four types of amphoterics; amphoacetate type, amidopropylbetaine type, amidopropylhydroxysultaine type and amidoamine oxide type.

Although amphoacetate type was called alkylimidazoliniumbetaine type in past day, this type has low irritancy toward eyes and skin. Therefore, it is especially suitable for baby care products and together with its foaming power, as the base for adult body cleanser etc.

We can also prepare desalination varieties of these products, and they can be used with highly cationic polymerized compounds.

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CAS No. 91053-17-7
Appearance Light yellow to yellow-brown, liquid
Chemical Name Sodium N-cocoyl-N’-carboxyethyl-N’-hydroxyethyl ethylenediamine
Content (ca.wt.%) 30~35
Application Emolient, conditioner and viscosity improver for shanpoo, body shampoo, light duty liquid detergent
Antistatic agent and softener for textiles