Morpholine Derivatives

N-FORMYL MORPHOLINE COLORLESS LIQUID, MISCIBLE WITH WATER Solvent for extractive distillation for aromatics and butane in many aromatics extraction units. Solvent extraction purification coking benzene hydrogenation. Desulfurization in natural gas condensate, gasoline, synthetic gas, flue gas. document
N-ACETYL MORPHOLINE COLORLESS LIQUID WITH FAINT ACETIC ODOUR, MISCIBLE IN WATER Extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons, additives for improved combustion of natural gas burner, in acid treating, selective acetylation of amines, agrochemicals. Used in pesticides intermediates, agricultural fungicides. document
HYDROXYETHYL MORPHOLINE CLEAR LIQUID WITH AMINE ODOUR, MISCIBLE IN WATER Use in pharmaceuticals, textiles, optical brighteners. Intermediate used in the manufacture of Mycophenolate Mofetil (Immunosuppressive agent). document
E-ETHYL MORPHOLINE CLEAR COLORLESS LIQUID WITH AMMONICAL ODOR, SOLUBLE IN WATER Solubilizer in printing inks, textile auxiliary, corrosion inhibitors for lubricating oil. Intermediate in the production of pharmaceuticals, agriculture chemicals, polyurethane catalysts. document
N-METHYL MORPHOLINE COLORLESS LIQUID MISCIBLE WITH WATER AND MOST ORGANIC SOLVENTS Stabilizer for chlorinated hydrocarbons and extraction solvent. Preparation of self-polishing waxes, oil emulsions, corrosion inhibitors, water reducible paints, pharmaceuticals. document
N-METHYL MORPHOLINE OXIDES 50% COLORLESS TO PALE YELLOW LIQUID WITH FAINT AMINE ODOR, MISCIBLE IN WATER Used for the manufacture of viscose staple fiber by solvent spun process. Reduce the use of caustic soda, carbon di sulphide which results in hazardous effluent generation. document