Quality Policy

We seek to be foundation of chemical technology, and aim to promote a healthy and comfortable life. We provide high-performance fine chemical products, household-related products, and provide R&D service support to our customers. In summary, here’s what we do:

  • We constantly innovate and create new products, in anticipation of our customers’ needs.
  • We comply with the social requirements of local laws and regulations and provide prompt responses to customers’ requests.
  • We steadily improve our overall performance by managing quality control and performing continuous maintenance and systems improvement.
  • We invest time and effort in educating and training our employees on how to perform stringent quality checks.

Quality Assurance System

Our top management that oversees our chemical plants in Saitama, Fukui, and Shizuoka is extremely dedicated to providing top quality products and reliable services that meet customers’ expectations. Since 2002, we have implemented the ISO9001 Quality Management System across our entire organization. In addition, we perform regular compliance audits, system maintenance and technological innovations to continuously improve our quality control processes.

Our years of industrial establishment offers us control over our end-to-end supply chain process (R&D to sales) and we have been able to create customised products for our customers within short periods of time, thus offering companies the convenience and competitive advantage they need for their businesses.

Since our establishment, we have been farsighted and through consistent research & development, we were able to expand our business globally and to continue in our pursuit of greater success.

Clean Policy

We address the contribution to social sustainability as our corporate mission and pursue products and production methods of less environmental burden.